How an employee to join a new team?

If you had to change jobs, you probably have a little scared or confused idea of what awaits meeting spa services in Madison people who, by the way, will your colleagues. And how, painlessly and quickly join the team?
How to become part of a new team?
First of all, do not rush. Do not expect that you will be welcomed with open arms, will be on “their” and immediately devote all secrets. This is unlikely to happen (although possible). But in most cases the infusion of the team is much longer. This process can take several weeks or even months to be ready and be patient. interior design Miami

How to behave during the first days on a new job? Do not worry. Relax and just be themselves, while interior design madison people reach for you. If you often will be in suspense, then the condition can be passed and your colleagues. In addition, you can count nervous, unbalanced or even inadequate man, but it also will do you good.

Do not try to show that you want to make friends with colleagues, not imposed and not “podlyzыvaytes.” This is not only very annoying, but also can expose you as a person and not an employee in the best possible light.

Follow the dress code and try to be like everyone else. Jobs – is not a place where you can stand out from the crowd and shock. Too striking workers often perceived as not serious, so treat them with skepticism.

Find out and follow the rules that are in the team, both established command and covert. Now, you – part of the system and make it work smoothly, every employee must obey certain laws. more here

Respect leader, even if it is unpleasant to you. No, try to become a friend or fan is not necessary, it is only set up other colleagues against you. But certainly listen to his opinions, ask advice and contact with (but not too often, the urgency).

Do not try to show the boss how good you are. And in any case zaznavaytesya. After all, if you’re an experienced and talented professional and master of his craft, it will certainly notice, but at one time. A “window dressing” and demonstration of skills cause irritation to your new colleagues and expose you braggart and “zadavakoy.” dentist Miami

Do not lie, does not like anybody! Even if you actively provoke gossip, do not participate in them. No refuse should not talk, or colleagues may think that you care about and proud. But just say why trust. I never hurt anyone, do not condemn and do not criticize, even if it is fully justified. Preferably their subjective (and even objective) According keep to yourself. stylist Miami

Do not engage in group. In some companies, staff divided by the coalition and the new employee can become a potential new leaders and a member of the real “lure”. But the window repair in madison objectives of the formation of such groups often seize power, gossip and privileges from the authorities. Perhaps in the future you are invited to help us a group, this is often unavoidable and always be a loner very difficult. But while prydyvlyaytesya, analyze and talk.

Do not complain to the authorities, “sneak” is not like anywhere else. Try all questions and resolve problems on their own, for this you will be respected.

If the team is of the opposite sex, do not flirt with them! First, it will inevitably lead to rivalry. Secondly, the official novels interfere with work and climb the career ladder.

If you accepted the new position of “an acquaintance” is not worth it to advertise.

Follow their responsibilities, try to learn quickly and grasp everything literally fly.

Identify genuine interest, not only to what is happening in the company, but also to problems oblychchyastyh colleagues. But to become a “vest” not worth it you will greatly disturb and annoy the future.

Express your opinion, but do not be “upstart.”

Participate in social activities, not related to professional responsibilities.

It is necessary to be patient and sensitive pryvitnishym.

Try to find a counselor or even a mentor who will assist you and help you find your place in the team.

Keep the jokes and develop a sense of humor, it helps to treat all easier and speed up production processes. But always joke or use “black” humor is required.

Do not behave arrogantly and vulgarly, try not to attract attention.

Even if you think the new pet grooming in Madison very complicated, not nyyte not complain, “whiners” never love.
What if a team did not take you?

Even if you follow all these tips above, this does not mean that everything will go smoothly and quickly, it may have some problems. The difficulties can be very different, and they should not necessarily relate it to you.
As an employee to join a new team?
For example, you could take the post, which claimed many employees of the company, in this case, will manage all envy. Also, it is likely the fact that previously took place all your revered and beloved colleague, who was released by mistake and unfair. But all the same, and your behavior may also influence the attitude of people towards you.
So what if you have a team does not want to take it?

Carefully analyze their behavior. Are you doing all right, do not be too arrogant or, jammed and distant? Are you not too rough or cold, not intrusive? In general, watch for him, literally his every gesture, every word, tone, movements. Also measure the reaction of colleagues to certain actions, phrases movement. Probably the reason you find out in a few days.

If you try to join a purely female team, then it probably is Gossips. And you can ask for help it to them, often it really works. Simply walk up to the “persistent” spletnytse, offer her a cup of tea with a delicious cake and tell us about your issue. Tell us what you want to know why you are not very good colleagues. Will represent sadness sure that everything was true. Perhaps “buffeting” tell you what they think of other employees.

If among your new colleagues is a man who belongs to you properly or the more well seek help for it. It may give some practical advice and help you find common ground with others. more here

If the situation escalates, do not bring to an extreme point and did not torment yourself. Gather all your colleagues and just talk with them openly. Tell us about your experiences and thoughts, ask why you do not want to take.